A Great Way to Save You Money – Bath Resurfacing

Many of us think about renovating various parts of our house on different occasions. While some rooms like the kitchen are common, rarely do we ever consider redoing the bath.  Since it is least visible to the guests and other visitors to our house, we give it a low priority.  However, our baths need just as much attention. A badly maintained bath can be unappealing, cause serious infections and other health issues.  We all spend some part of our day in our bathrooms and catching an infection won’t take too long.

Cost can be another reason for a delay.  Discarding the previous items and buying replacements will prove to be expensive.  It is not always possible to buy based on your budget and it can often cost more.  Cost alone should not be a deterrent in sprucing up your old bathtub or shower.  Bath resurfacing, allows you to save your precious Euros and have squeaky clean baths that looks brand new!

Bath reglazing product Multinamel logo

 Why does bath resurfacing make sense as opposed to bath replacement?  When the bath is being readied, a lot of daily activities are disrupted and you cannot use your bath until it is completed.  Then there is the matter of going over budget. Fortunately, when resurfacing your bath, you are saving almost 80% of the cost that you would have paid for a new one.

 Bath Respray has helped numerous households, hotels and letting agents to resurface their bathtubs, sinks, showers and toilets during the last decade and a half.  We use a unique reglazing agent called Multinamel – we enjoy exclusive rights to a proprietary product used to repair the cracks and dents effectively.  You will not be able to notice the cracks and dents at all after the resurfacing is done.  We also offer lifetime colour warranty and five year structural guarantee. Check out Bath Respray.com

We are an Irish company based in Dublin and have been in business for over 15 years.  We are the only company to earn a BS 7976-2 certification for our reglazing product.  Apart from bath resurfacing, we also carry our kitchen resurfacing, furniture painting and leather restoration works.  Call us for an appointment and a quote today.