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Only 25% the cost of a new Kitchen. If you are like most people, you have been in your home for several years and have become accustomed to the way that it looks inside. Yet you still have this desire to shake things up a bit and give your home interior a face lift. Looking at the same colours day after day becomes monotonous and can have an effect on your state of mind
So why not take the time to make the needed change? You likely repaint the exterior of the home when it starts to wear so that it stays looking new. The interior deserves the same attention, including that old and worn out look in the kitchen.
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A kitchen makeover can be completed in approximately three to four days, so there is little down time to you. The way that the process works is for the first two days the door facings are removed cleaned and prepped for painting. This is the most visible part of your kitchen and deserves a great amount of attention to give it a satisfying appearance.


Generally on the third day, the body of the cabinets and draws is cleaned, sanded, and prepared for repainting. For a larger kitchen, this portion of the process can take up to 24 hours from the time the area is masked to the time the painting is complete. This means as little down time as possible for you and your family.

Kitchen Respray , Door Respray, Kitchen
Kitchen Respray , Door Respray, Kitchen


On the final day the doors are then refitted to the cabinet area. When needed, new handles will be installed. The paint that is used for the job is a specifically designed paint for this type of work. It has a smooth finish and is excellent for easy cleanup and maintenance. If you are tired of having the same kitchen day in and day out, Call Kitchen

Kitchen respray
Over 15 years of experience in the business has not affected the friendly demeanor and courtesy of this team. In fact, you might think they are more thrilled about creating a whole new look in your kitchen than you are. They definitely take pride in their work and do their best to satisfy customers by doing a professional job.

If you’re interested in having your kitchen resprayed, you should choose the right professionals for the job. The best teams have years of experience in spray painting and they work with the most durable materials that the market has to offer.

All Surface Respray gives its clients access to unique solutions that produce the best possible price to quality ratio.

The cost to replace a standard kitchen can be atrocious, but with a kitchen respray you can save upwards to 80 percent. Provided that the cabinets and drawers are in good repair, a respray would be a good alternative to costly replacement. If they are to worn a replacement would be advised for long term value. For the majority kitchen spray painting will accomplish the desired result of the new look.

There is hardly any interference with your schedule over the estimated three to four days it takes to respray the kitchen. Our technicians treat your belongings as if they were their own. Use the kitchen while the work is done. Our super strong respray system delivers environmentally friendly clear lacquers and pigmented products designed for use on wood.

Everyday we get asked about problems with chipping and marking. If there is one thing that you do not have to worry about it is the durability of the paint . We only use factory quality two pack paint with hardener

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