All Surface Respray Makes Ireland’s Respray Service Even Better! – With Sanitizing Additives!


All Surface Respray, a Dublin-based respray service provider, announced the release of their all-new sanitizing additives as an upgrade feature for all of their services – a very first in all of Ireland!

Customers can now get to enjoy the comfort of having an instant renovation from their respray services while having the assurance that it will also be safe and clean. Options to upgrade their respray services to have sanitizing additives are now available with the all-new HygienePlus coating materials which contain sanitizing active microparticles guaranteed to reduce up to 99.9% the contamination of bacterial prone surfaces. A first of its kind, these sanitizing additives that they offer for their respray services was made possible through the exclusive partnership made with Sirca, a top-quality producer and manufacturer based in Italy for respray materials.

The release of All Surface Respray’s new HygienePlus sanitizing additives as an upgrade feature for their respray services is the company’s revolutionary way of adapting to the needs of homes, businesses and companies to prevent the outbreak of the virus. Compared to the normal paint materials used in respraying, these sanitizing additives give no whatsoever side effect to water or solvent-borne wood coatings, making it ideal for application to all types of furniture, doors, windows, kitchen, living room, bathroom and bedroom.

By combining the functionality of their respray service along with the need to adapt to safer and preventive measures for most residential homes and commercial properties, it reduces the risk of any possible transmission of viruses and bacteria in high traffic areas. This type of sanitizing respray service feature is ideal for application to various industries with the crucial need for active sanitation:

  • Commercial (Retail stores, Malls, Restaurants)
  • Government (Public Offices, Service Centres, Parks)
  • Residential Home (Furniture, Kitchen)

This goes to show how health and the prevention of diseases are essential to all the industries since it is all interconnected with one another. Sanitation and proper hygiene are especially crucial to us now more than ever! And with the recent changes to everyone’s lifestyle, this calls for active change in order to adapt to this NEW NORMAL and All Surface Respray has surpassed these trials in order to give their customers the kind of service that they deserve – BEST OF THE BEST!

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