If your bath is looking old and worn, or if it is chipped or damaged, you might be thinking in terms of replacing it. However, there is another option, and that is to have bath reglazing done. This process can restore your bath, and have it looking as good as new for a lot less money than buying a replacement.

Bath reglazing is a great way to give your bath a new lease of life. The process involves adding a new enamel surface to the bath. This makes it look sparkling and brand new. Best of all, bath reglazing can be done without having to detach the bath from its plumbing.

We use an exclusive, commercial grade product called Multinamel to restore your bath. Not only does this may your bath look just like a brand new one, it also makes the surface more durable, reducing the chance of chipping or scratching in the future. Additionally, your newly reglazed bath will be much easier to clean.

Bath reglazing product Multinamel logo

If you replace your bath entirely, the chances are you will to replace other items in your suite so that everything matches. That is going to cost you a lot of money. You will also have to get in plumbers to take out your old suite and to fit your new bath and suite.

Why go to all that expense and trouble when you can get your bath reglazed to achieve the same effect? Let us show you just how good we can make your old bath look with Multinamel reglazing. You will be amazed at our before and after pictures.

Burgandy bath resurfacing to white

If your old bath has chips or dents, we will repair these as part of the bath reglazing process, and nobody will be able to spot that any repair work has been done. In fact, it will be impossible to tell that your bath has been reglazed.

We are so confident in our product that we offer all our customers a lifetime warranty against the colour fading. Forget about buying a new bath. Give us a call or email for a no-obligation quote for bath reglazing.