Frequently Asked Questions about Kitchen Respraying

Considering a kitchen respray project? If so, the following list of frequently asked questions can help you determine whether the procedure is the right one for you.

How is the Paint Applied?
Companies like All Surface Respray rely on a spray painting technology. This means that the paint is sprayed in a thin layer on the surface. No brushes are used, thus there’ll be no streaks or uneven spots. The finish is incredibly smooth, which makes the kitchen cabinets very easy to clean and maintain.

Can I Choose between Different Colours?
Absolutely! The products that we work with come in many tones and finishes. Kitchen respraying is one of the most versatile opportunities for transforming the appearance of your kitchen. Paints come in just about every imaginable tone, giving clients dozens of options to choose from.

Kitchen respray to skimming stone

Kitchen respray to skimming stone

Is the Process Expensive?
Having your kitchen furniture resprayed will cost you approximately 25 per cent of the amount you’ll have to spend on a brand new kitchen. This is one of the most affordable possibilities for transforming the kitchen, which is why those considering a home upgrade on a budget opt for kitchen respray painting.

How Long does It Take to Complete the Project?
The downtime is minimal because spray painting is a very fast procedure. As experienced professionals in the field, we’ll need anywhere between three and five days to complete the entire project. The amount of time will depend on the size of the kitchen and the amount of prep work that will be needed.

Do You Offer Additional Services?
On top of having the cabinets spray-painted, we can repair minor damage during the preparation phase. In addition, we’ll replace the handles of the cabinets upon necessity. Changing such a small detail can contribute to a major interior design transformation.

What Kinds of Products do You Use?
The products that we use are commercial-grade paints. These can’t be found on the market and used for a DIY spray-painting job. The quality of the paints guarantees the smoothness of the finish. In addition, this finish contributes to cabinets that are incredibly easy to clean and that will remain in a good condition for years to come.