You are sure to have a lot of questions to ask if it’s the first time you are having a kitchen respray. It’s good to ask questions because it helps you make a more informed selection.
Here are a few frequently asked questions that should clear most of your confusion about kitchen resprays.

1. Can I paint the cabinets of a rented house?
This depends on your landlord and how old the cabinets are. Most of the landlords are okay with it because they end up with updated kitchen cabinets. The only thing landlords may ask is that you paint the kitchen cabinets a specific colour.

2. Should I hire someone to do it or do it myself?
This is a very common question that most people ask. You may think that you can save money by doing it yourself because it seems easy. You just remove all the drawers, hinges and doors, sand and then paint them your desired colours, and wait for them to dry.
However, all this takes time, which you may not always have.
The kitchen respray takes a few days to complete, which may mean a waste of time for you. So basically the answer to the question depends on your budget, your time and manpower you have to perform the job.
Most people don’t mind paying a little extra to hire professionals to do the job. They anyway do a much better and more uniform job than you do because they paint cabinets every day.

3. Should the cabinets be spray painted or painted with a brush?
There are mixed replies to this question because of an equal number of people vouching for spray and brush painting. Some even recommend painting with both a roller and a brush!
Not many suggest using a sprayer. It’s better left to the professionals because it’s the equipment you have to rent or buy for the job. It’s difficult to properly use and adjust sprayers without practice.

4. Can I paint the doors while keeping them intact in the frame?
No, you have to take the doors off the frame. You won’t be able to paint and cover every inch of the wood with the doors on the frames. There is also the risk of painting over the hinges, which can lead to future problems.
Always remove the door and drawer faces before the kitchen respray. Then label them to easily and properly identify and reassemble the cabinets.