Renovation Hacks: How to create a new kitchen in 4 days?

Want to have a major kitchen transformation in as little time as possible? Yes, it’s possible! You can have a new kitchen in 4-days time by respraying your old kitchen to make it look new again. Resurfacing your kitchen is the best renovation hack you could ever have to create your dream kitchen asap.

Kitchen Respray to cream

Kitchen Respray to cream

Witness the Kitchen Respray experience as you go through our 4-day process. In as much as four days, you get to have an entirely new kitchen.

We’ll create your new kitchen in no time. Here’s how we do it:

Day 1-2: Preparation of Doors

Here at, we take pride in our attention to details. Before repainting the whole kitchen completely, the preparation of the doors is our priority. While other companies may secretly skip this process entirely, we feel that this is probably the most important process of a repainting project. Our team has been trained to complete the necessary preparations to the highest standards possible in order to achieve your desired kitchen transformation. It is essential to dismantle all doors to achieve the clean and polished look desired. Once the doors have been collected, we take the necessary actions to clean and prime the doors so they are ready to be sprayed. Depending on the size of your kitchen, this could take up to 2 days max.

Day 3: Prepping the Kitchen & Spraying

By the 3rd day, the kitchen will then be prepared for respraying by sanding the rest of the furniture in the kitchen. The masking procedure is also done during this period to prevent certain sections of the kitchen from being sprayed. Once the masking begins, the kitchen will be unavailable until the respraying is done, which takes up only about 24 hours.

Day 4: Finishing Touches

Once the kitchen has been resprayed completely, the unmasking procedure becomes the next step. The doors will then be fitted right back into their proper places. We go the extra mile in making sure that the doors fit properly and even provide new handles if required. Rest assured that the paint we use in respraying is top of the line quality brand specifically used in the kitchen resurfacing industry. With this, you’re guaranteed to have a smooth and exceptionally strong finish on your furniture that will be perfect for enduring regular cleaning and maintenance.

Create an entirely unique kitchen experience for your home here with and see the difference in 4-days’ time!