How can You Save Money by Respraying Furniture

Restore old furniture or buy new items? The answer to this question depends on a number of factors. What’s the condition of the old furniture? Are you emotionally attached to the pieces? What’s your budget for the renovation project?

Chances are that you don’t want to throw out some pieces that have been in your home or office for a long period of time. In such instances, opting for furniture respraying will be the smart thing to do.

On top of making the old pieces look brand new, furniture respraying will come with a couple of important money saving benefits.

Furniture Respray

Furniture Respray

Less Expensive than Buying New Furniture
Going for spray painting will help you save approximately 60 per cent of the money that you’ll otherwise have to dedicate to buying new furniture.

Understand one very important thing – the purchase of new furniture can be very wasteful. Most wooden pieces are long-lived. The wood may become darker and it will lose some of the natural gleam as the years go by. When the pieces are maintained adequately, however, the structural integrity of the furniture will remain unchanged.

By going for a “cosmetic” procedure like respraying, you’ll be transforming the appearance of old furniture while benefiting from the good condition that it’s in. It’s a win-win situation.

Long-Term Money Saving
Choosing a high quality furniture respraying service like the one provided by the All Surface Respray team will enable you to save money in several additional ways.

The product that we use is a commercial-strength paint. It leaves a smooth, flawless finish. You can’t get such a product in the store and you’ll never enjoy the same long-lived result by repainting furniture on your own.

The paint that we use isn’t going to crack or chip in just a few months or a year. You’ll be free from having to spend money on additional renovations and the furniture will be usable for years and years to come.

To enjoy such results, you have to choose the right furniture renovation company. All Surface Respray has been in business close to 20 years. We know what it takes to prep furniture and to make the paint application flawless. The process will be completed quickly, decreasing downtime and giving you a chance to enjoy a brand new home within days. Want to know whether your furniture can be renovated through spray painting? Looking forward to booking our team? Give us a call  at Furniture Respray !