Some Useful Tips on Furniture Painting

Not many of us are open to the idea of discarding old possessions and replacing them with modern ones. Firstly, most of us have some sentiment attached to our old belongings and are opposed to the idea of parting with them. Secondly, substituting old furniture with brand new ones is by no means a cost-effective proposition to many. This is especially true if the old furniture is good enough and requires just a little facelift to look new and impressive.

A profound alternative in this circumstance is to consider furniture painting and giving the old furniture a transformed look. The decision made, the question that haunts us is to have it hand-painted or spray-painted, factoring in the cost aspect too. It is not always possible to get the best results from hand painting furniture. Hand painting can leave smudgy spots, uneven coating, and unnecessary dripping, etc. Also, a good quantity of paint can get discarded in a brush or roller pad, leading to avoidable waste of paint and money.

All Surface respray can create a flawless, mirror-like finish on the furniture since they operate at extremely high pressure, especially when we do not like to notice even a small brush mark on our furniture.

Furniture Respray photo

Table and chairs respray

As you can see,  Our company’s experts are well versed in the art of furniture painting and are committed to give your old furniture a totally new look with a strong, long-lasting, factory finish. When you restore your old furniture this way, you are not only saving money but also the environment!

Call us any time and we would be most happy to answer your questions with regard to furniture painting. or send us a picture of your furniture we can quote from that.