The Benefits of Furniture Respraying

If you’ve never had furniture spray painted in the past, you may be wondering about the procedure and why it’s becoming so popular. Furniture spray painting is an excellent opportunity for saving old pieces, giving them a second life and transforming the interior of your home.

Furniture/ kitchen respray is one of the options that you can opt for but spray painting is also great for other types of wooden furniture and family heirlooms. Here are some of the main reasons why furniture spray painting is ideal for you.

Painted kitchen dresser

Painted kitchen dresser

Save Old Items
Do you have old, beautiful kitchen cabinets that you love? A kitchen respray project will give them a second life. You don’t need to throw these pieces away. Usually, they’ll be completely transformed through a basic facelift.

Furniture spray painting is ideal for saving old pieces that aren’t structurally damaged. With time, furniture may chip and the wood will start looking duller. The application of a fresh coat of paint will immediately brighten up the pieces. In addition, the paint will protect the wood from further damage.

Change Your Home on a Budget
Spray painting is one of the most affordable possibilities for upgrading your home.

Choosing a different colour or a different finish for your favourite pieces will immediately change their appearance. In addition, the procedure is far from wasteful. You’ll be upgrading furniture that’s in a perfectly good condition instead of buying new pieces. This is the main reason why spray painting costs a fraction of the amount you’ll have to spend on a home renovation.

Do Something Trendy and Fun
Wood is a beautiful material that looks clean and rustic. Applying a coat of paint over it, can make your house look modern.

Wooden furniture can be covered with paint in nearly every colour. You can have fun with the project and experiment with options that you never considered possible in the past.

Furniture respraying saves time and money. In addition, you get excellent, professional results. To get the most of this opportunity, you have to choose the right team for the job. With more than 15 years of experience in the niche, All Surface respray can guarantee the quality of the execution every single time.