Top 5 Benefits of Sanitizing Paint Respray Services

Household surfaces and equipment such as in most commonly used items like cabinets, countertops; appliances, computers, and furniture are used almost every day, making it 60 times more contaminated as compared to a toilet seat. These figures alone reflect the dangers of contracting virus and diseases more easily through the surfaces being touched. With this, coatings with sanitizing properties add an extra layer of protection to help fight off virus and diseases.

The recent outbreak of the virus worldwide has brought into attention the importance of products with sanitizing properties to help fight off diseases. The need to strengthen efforts to prevent the spread of the virus and other diseases has become more relevant now more than ever.  All Surface Respray offers high quality and value for money respray services for residential and commercial areas, with an option to upgrade to coating materials with sanitizing properties.

Here are just about some of the top 5 benefits of shifting to coating materials with sanitizing properties:

Sanitizing Additives prevents growth of bacteria on surfaces

While All Surface Respray services helps instantly transform the over-all look of a place with a simple respray service, their sanitizing additive provides a longer lasting protection as it keeps any surface free from contaminants. The formulations used in these sanitizing additives not only reduce surface bacteria but also help eliminate airborne contaminants and reduce up to 99.9% common pathogens.

Sanitizing Additives provide lasting protection (durability)     

The sanitizing agents paired with the quality coting materials used by All Surface Respray are tested to withstand the eventual wear and tear that occurs in public places. Fortunately, the special formulation used in All Surface Respray’s sanitizing agent contains an antimicrobial property that helps prevent the growth of microorganisms from surfaces. Not only does it contain a sanitizing property against virus and diseases but it also helps prevent molds and mildew to grow.


Sanitizing Additives has no adverse effect to the surface area to be painted on.

All surface Respray’s sanitizing Hygiene Plus additives will not cause any discolouration or leeching to the surface concerned. The quality of application in their respray services are tested and proven to have no effect in the respray’s final output. The materials used are guaranteed to keep the finish looking smooth and fine even through time without the lumps and the stench while ensuring protection against virus and diseases. The antimicrobial property will last as long as the expected lifetime of the paint used.

Sanitizing Additives are cost effective and cost efficient

The additives All Surface Respray uses complement the quality paints utilized in their respray application. It can be easily applied to complex surfaces and equipment that’s perfect for settings in residential, commercial, industrial and even for health care environments. This offers clients diverse options for their respray services without necessarily spending out of budget.

Sanitizing Additives are part of the growing market trend

The rise of the importance of sanitizing properties in most products only means that there is a rising need for it. With the recent outbreak of diseases, it is expected to continue to be an important factor in considering a respray service provider that will not only provide the output needed for renovations but also ensure the protection of everybody’s health.

To ensure that the best quality output and the utmost antimicrobial protection is achieved, consult with a professional all surface respray service provider near you! Professional applications from quality respray providers know the proper application of these sanitizing paints especially in medical and hospital environment set-ups.