The Most Cost-Efficient and Practical Commercial Bathroom Restoration Possibility

Commercial bathrooms like the ones in hotels and restaurants are subjected to lots of wear and tear. Maintaining these bathrooms in ideal condition is associated to significant expenditure, but this is an important step for guaranteeing the safety and happiness of customers.

The good news is that businesses can choose from amongst several bathroom restoration possibilities. Bath reglazing ranks among the most cost-efficient and practical procedures because of the limited expenditure and the quality of the results.

What is Bath Reglazing?
Companies like All Surface Respray restore the damaged surfaces. You don’t need to replace old pieces, especially if they haven’t suffered any serious damage.

Burgandy bath resurfacing to white

A product known as Multinamel is applied over the surface. It has industrial strength, a lifetime colour guarantee and a five-year structural warranty.

Multinamel can be applied on plastic, porcelain, steel, cast iron, vinyl and a vast range of other materials commonly found in the bathroom. Thus, bath reglazing is suitable for renovating nearly every piece of bathroom equipment from the bathtub to the toilet.

No Downtime
A hotel can’t close a number of rooms for restoration purposes and refrain from using those over a long period of time. Such renovation procedures will decrease revenue and potentially affect the reputation of the hospitality business.

Bath reglazing doesn’t call for any downtime. The procedure is completed quickly and the bathroom is usable immediately after the team is done. This is one of the main reasons why numerous reputable hotel chains have chosen All Surface Respray for their bathroom renovation projects.

Opting for bathroom resurfacing can save anywhere between 70 and 80 per cent of the bathroom renovation budget.

In addition, bath resurfacing doesn’t cause waste and it’s an environment-friendly procedure. Businesses that want to establish their green reputation and save some money at the same time will certainly benefit from this possibility.

Multinamel is the only commercial-grade bath reglazing possibility that hotels like Regency, Crowne Plaza, Radisson SAS, Four Seasons, Hilton, Grand and Harbour have already given a try to. The quality is unparalleled and it costs only a fraction of a complete bathroom refurbishment. Do you want to transform your bathrooms right now and make your clients happier? Give us a call to get started.