Anti-Microbial Paints to Help Prevent Spread of Virus in Hospitals and Homes

The increasing spread of the virus worldwide has brought about the importance of products with sanitizing properties. Particularly in areas that are considered high risk, such as in hospitals, care centres and clinics, antimicrobial paints help prevent the spread various diseases acquired from these surfaces. Approximately about 10% of most patients in hospitals either get worse than before they came to the hospital or contract a new illness as they come into contact with contaminated equipment and surfaces.  In the U.S alone, this results to about 100,000 deaths per year and about $20 billion in healthcare costs.

With this, the healthcare sector needs to recognize and acknowledge that sanitizing additives and coatings also play a strategic role in finding the solution to prevent the spread of virus and diseases.

Thus, All Surface Respray responds to this need by providing additional service features that enables their customers and clients to opt for the sanitizing additive features in their respray services. Additional upgrade service features are now available with their all-new Hygiene Plus coating as an additive for their respray services, which contains active sanitizing microparticles that’s guaranteed reduce the contamination of bacterial prone surfaces by up to 99.9%.

Respray services that offer sanitizing additives to their coatings such as these have multiple uses for various industries in a number of surfaces and equipment such as for: furniture at home, medical equipment and supplies, healthcare clinics, public spaces, food processing industry and even in the automotive industry.

Through the combination of a number of preventive solutions, such as making use of respray services that offer antimicrobial paints helps in preventing and altogether decreasing the spread of diseases and viruses. To know more about the sanitizing all surface respray service that we can offer, feel free to contact us and request a quote from us at _____________________________.