Planning on doing some repairs at home but worried about over spending your budget?
Before you start working on something, a careful planning and budgeting is crucial to keep the whole budget in check. Underestimating the cost of materials plus the services and manpower can compromise the quality of your repairs.
Before you start making repairs in your kitchen, consider all the costs needed to complete the task and reconsider the ones that can be refurbished instead.
Avoid all unnecessary costs or you might get surprised how your expenses may become more than what you bargained for. Majority of home owners who seek to have repairs made are often taken back by how much the costs are accumulated over time.
To make way for this here are some ways to keep your renovation and budget in check according to the credit union.


Start by setting your objectives for the repair that you want and need for the house. Do you want a major renovation or do you just need to improve your house. Some repairs can do best with just a simple refurbishing. A little kitchen respray here or bathroom respray there can do wonders to your budget whilst achieving your desired renovation.


Make a list of the things you want to be changed based on the objectives you’ve already set above. Then work your way towards the repair you need from there.


Allsurface respray, a refurbishing company based in Dublin is the perfect go-to alternative for major renovations. Instead of demolishing the whole place down or undertaking major reconstructions, why not try to resurface old furniture in the kitchen to change the over-all look.


The Irish Times has quoted that the cost for renovations for an existing house range from €1,000 and €1,500 per sqm. Kitchen renovation costs are somewhere from €8,000 to €10,000. This cost doesn’t include upgrade for all the furniture and decorations. With this in regard, consider all the expenses for the materials and the services to be procured.
According to the Credit, here are some of the basic costs:

Paint approx. €30 per tub
wiring, plumbing, floors €35p/sqm.
Tiles €20 to €50 per sqm.
Bath with shower €385 and up
Bathroom suite €249

Include all the lighting, windows, decorations and manpower and it all adds up to your budget. With all this in consideration, if you’re a family who just started out, making renovations is a serious endeavour thus refurbishing companies that provide these services like Allsurfacerespray, is definitely a must!
Remember to always consider refurbishing before renovating! This might just keep you from breaking your budget.