Kitchen is a Trading Name of All Surface Respray

Kitchen respray is one of the services that we specialise in. More information about this possibility and the benefits stemming from the execution of the project is available at

All Surface Respray is Ireland’s premier respray and spray painting company. We work with both commercial and residential customers on kitchen, bathroom and furniture improvements. The quality of the work that we do stems from the years of experience that we have in the field and the selection of the finest, most durable products.

Kitchen Respray Gorey

Kitchen Respray Gorey

A kitchen can be transformed quickly and efficiently. You don’t have to spend a large amount of money on the purchase of new kitchen cabinets and furniture. Pieces that look a little bit worn out or damaged will be freshened up through the addition of a coat of paint.

Kitchen is the answer you’ve been looking for. Browse through the website to learn more about what we do and to determine whether this kind of project is the right possibility for you.

Getting a quote for your kitchen is a very easy task – you simply need to send us a photo. There’s no need to schedule a first appointment or waste time on getting started. Based on the number of cabinets and several other criteria, we will give you an accurate estimate.

All of the furniture and accessories in your kitchen are long-lived. The fact that the cabinets have faded in color doesn’t mean you have to throw them away. Choosing a kitchen respray possibility is an affordable and environment-friendly option for renovating your kitchen.

We use durable paint and we’ll complete the project without causing any mess. Kitchen respraying is great, regardless of the original wood color or the size of the cabinets. We’ll need between three and five days to finish the task – the amount of time is much lower than what you’ll need for a complete kitchen renovation.

The spraying technique and the kind of paint that we use will result in super-smooth finish. It’s aesthetically pleasing and very tough. Take a look at our recent posts to find out more about the procedure and the benefits you’re going to enjoy.

Are you getting ready to transform your kitchen? Want to accomplish that goal on a limited budget? Give us a call or send us a photo today and we’ll start working!