When selecting quality service providers to use for your renovations and construction projects, it is best to choose companies that choose to support the use of eco-friendly and sustainable materials. Especially in the industry of construction and renovations, paints are a major necessity for any project.

The ingredients used to make paints heavily impact the environment that it goes beyond just its unpleasant odor but also because of its other components like Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs). Add this to the fact that its application alone contributes to a lot of carbon dioxide emissions in the atmosphere.

To prevent this from further happening, All surface Respray is now geared to support sustainability for the sake of preserving the environment by choosing eco-friendly materials for our clients’ needs and requirements. Thus, came about the use of eco-friendly paints made from sustainable materials. This simply means that the materials used to make the paints are made from renewable materials like water and plants. Not only do these renewable materials make the paints harmless for the health of our employees and clients but it is also safe for the environment.

Green Architecture & Sustainability

Recent trends and developments in the construction industry has been seen to become noticeably drawn towards the green architecture style. This style and approach to constructing and renovating properties aims to minimize the harmful effects of construction to the environment. This approach aims to protect the environment by designing eco-friendly building designs and choosing environment safe materials during construction

Our recent partnership with Sirca and its S-Cover paints is an attempt to help protect the health of our employees and customers, support sustainability while protecting the environment without compromising the quality of the outputs we deliver. Ingredients used in paints can be made from various chemicals or recycled natural sources. Though the ingredients used in making paints are not completely disclosed to the public, but recently Companies have started to divulge more about the formulas that they use as part of their social responsibility towards corporate businesses and the general masses.
All Surface Respray’s services partners with the construction industry in promoting Green Architecture &sustainabilityfor the environment by going green!

So for all surface respray services and renovations, please feel free to request a quotation from us.