A Guide to Respraying your Old Kitchen 

We all have at least several cabinets, some chairs and cupboards that look really old and sad. Restoration and throwing old furniture away are the two possibilities that homeowners tend to consider.

Giving old kitchen furniture a second life can often result in some amazing and beautiful interior design modifications. The kitchen respray is one of the possibilities that can be used to modernise older pieces. Spray painting is a technique that will result in vibrant colours and a beautiful finish.

Are you looking for possibilities to modernise old kitchen furniture? The following guide will help you get started.

Kitchen Respray: Why and How?
Wood changes as it becomes older. It will start looking darker, the glossy finish will wear off or crack in places. The good news is that such pieces can be revived easily. Sanding the furniture and spray painting it will result in a complete transformation.

Kitchen Respray Dublin

Spray painting distributes a really even layer of paint on top of the wooden surface. This technique can be used to change colours and modernise older pieces. It results in a really durable, even and fine layer of paint that cannot be created through the use of traditional furniture painting techniques.

Though kitchen respray is an excellent option, it will have to be executed professionally for the outcome to exceed expectations. The good news is that you have many companies to pick among. Professionals like the team of All Surface Respray have years of experience in the field. You will get to execute the modifications in a cost-efficient way and the quality of the outcome will be outstanding.

Main Benefits
Respraying the wooden surfaces in the kitchen will give you a possibility to enjoy a wide range of benefits.

The project is very quick and easy to complete. Since the layer of paint is very thin and fine, it will require just a little bit of time to dry fully. If you need to remodel your kitchen quickly (before attempting to sell the property, for example), respraying will be the perfect pick.

The uniformity of the coverage is guaranteed. No painting tool comes in contact with the surfaces. This is why the layer of paint is even and it lacks streaks or other imperfections.

Finally, spray painting is cost-efficient. Smaller quantities of paint will be needed to provide even coverage, thus bringing the cost of the project down. Contact us for a kitchen respray quote