Spray Paint or Brush for furniture? What’s best?

If you’re planning to have your house go through a renovation, this question must have crossed your mind at some point. If you’re weighing your options whether to have your furniture spray painted or brushed, here are just some of the reasons you should choose respraying.

All Surface Respray

All Surface Respray

Spray painting and brushing furniture are entirely two different things, which give drastically different effects to the possible look of any furniture.


This is a painting technique that uses a spray machine for the application of a coating (ink, varnish, paint) to any surface.

So what’s best for your furniture? Spray painting furniture definitely has a lot more to offer compared to that of brushing. Not only is it the most efficient option but it’s also the one that can produce the best outcome.


There is no better way to cover a large space with paint faster than spray painting. Reduce the time it takes to change the colour of any furniture. Incredibly fast application time is available with this paint method.


Spray painting transforms your furniture to have that clean, polished look, giving it a total makeover. Also, it’s a great tool to paint areas that are hard to reach, giving every piece a smooth and even finish that’s free from brush or roller marks.


Most people thinking that just DIY painting furniture can do the trick. But there’s more to it than it looks. The method you choose for applying paint, the quality of materials used and the colours you choose to apply could either make or break the look of your old furniture. Keep from throwing out that precious old furniture you have at home because of it being mishandled when our simple respray service is guaranteed to make possible the perfect transformation for your old furniture.

If you want to spare yourself from making the mistake of ruining your furniture because of failed DIY attempts, All Surface Respray is exactly what you need to complete the job. Our services are geared towards providing you with the best respray service for painting furniture at your convenience. Backed by our 15 years of experience in the field, you can be sure that you’re in great hands. We aim to achieve your dream renovation for any room by providing you with a quality service that’s guaranteed and tried-and-tested – a service that proves why All Surface Respray is Ireland’s number one respray service company!