Giving Kitchen Furniture a Second Life – Which Option to Choose?

About to renovate your kitchen? Buying new cabinets and furniture can add up to a significant amount but the good news is that you can transform your home without spending a fortune on the process. Having your kitchen cabinets resprayed is a great possibility for freshening up their appearance and accomplishing a complete kitchen transformation.

When it comes to painting kitchen furniture, you have two possibilities to pick among – hand paint or spray paint. Which one of the two is better?

Skerries wardrobe respray

Skerries wardrobe respray

The Shortcomings of Hand Painting
Many individuals opt for hand painting because it can be completed as a DIY project. Deciding to transform kitchen furniture in this way, however, will be associated with some serious shortcomings.

For a start, an amateur doesn’t use the paints that professionals work with. Many of these have inferior quality and they’ll start peeling off in a couple of years.

In addition, hand painting results in a rather rough finish. It’s not possible to work with a brush and to make the layer sufficiently smooth. The roughness will take away from the aesthetic appeal of kitchen furniture and it will also decrease the lifespan of the coat of paint.

Spray Painting: A Much Better Possibility
Professionals like All Surface Respray rely on a much more efficient technique like spray painting. A thin coat of paint is applied under pressure to the respective kitchen furniture. The lack of direct contact with the surface ensures a very smooth finish and even distribution of the paint.

When it comes to hand paint or spray paint, it’s also very important to keep in mind that spray painting is a less messy procedure. There will be no drips and stains, meaning that the project will be completed quickly and efficiently.

Companies like All Surface Respray work with high quality, very durable paint. Because of the use of modern equipment and the adequate paint selection, choosing professionals to do spray painting for you will be much more cost-efficient.

A DIY project may sound like a lucrative idea but think twice before getting started. Working with experienced professionals will ultimately enable you to save more money in the long run and to postpone the date of your next kitchen renovation.