Hand Painting vs. Spray Painting: Which Option is Better for Your Furniture?

Have you already settled on the idea of restoring furniture through repainting? Or perhaps you have a particularly favourite older piece that you don’t want to throw away? Perhaps there is some furniture in your place that could be perfectly usable if only it were the right colour? All Surface Respray is just the company that you need, because resurfacing can give your old furniture a second life and brighten your home up.

Even if you are skeptical about the usefulness of new approaches in home renovation, you should definitely consider the numerous benefits of the furniture spray painting technique.

Chair respray

Chair respray

One Coat is All it Takes
Painting your furniture on your own can turn out to be more tedious than you think. Trying to achieve even coverage is hard, so using professional help is an extremely good idea. Through the air-spray method, one layer is all it takes for surfaces to look brand new again.

Application is Fast and Easy
You no longer need the Michelangelo painting kit in order to get a perfect even layer of paint on your furniture. Spray painting furniture takes at least twice less time than the traditional brush painting. All Surface Respray can provide you with the highest quality of service. Our trained employees use quality equipment to address all of your furniture restoration needs.

Incomparably Smooth Finish
Even if you are generally a go-getter and like doing things yourself, you probably know that painting is not a piece of cake.

Those annoying brush marks don’t need to be there and you most definitely don’t need to re-paint a thousand times.

Thinking of buying a spray painting tool and learning how to use it to paint furniture on your own? Being successful with the technique will require a bit more than that. You need the experience and the right approach to get those professional results.

A simpler option does exist – professional furniture painting is cost-efficient and a great option for restoring older pieces.

No Area is Off Limits
The spray painting technique allows us to reach practically any remote area that would otherwise be inaccessible with a simple paint brush.

No need to waste your time and energy any more, choose spray painting furniture and let All Surface Respray help you. Call us today or explore our website information to learn more about the technique and decide whether it’s the right one for your pieces.