When is the Right Time for having a Bathroom Resprayed?

Bath resurfacing and spray painting is a very efficient and timesaving solution. Whether you have a residential or a commercial bathroom in need of a touch-up, spray painting will give you stellar results without breaking the bank.

You may be wondering whether the season and the weather have an impact on the outcome of spray painting. The simple answer is no and here’s why bathroom respraying could take place during every time of the year.

Bath Respray

Bath Respray

How Does Bath Respraying Work?
Bath respraying is very similar to any other respray job. The damaged surface gets sprayed with a commercial product known as multinamel. This product can be used to deal with a vast range of problems like cracks, chips and fading.

The technique can be used for restoring bathtubs, toilet pedestals or even tiles – practically everything in the bathroom. The initial preparation is to prep the surfaces. Then, the new enamel is sprayed on them. The technique allows for balanced distribution of the product and smooth coverage. As a result, the new surface will be glossy and clear.

Bath spray painting and resurfacing require little time and the procedure is far from messy. This is why so many commercial facilities opt for it.

When’s the Best Time for Bath Resurfacing?
Does the season matter when making a decision about the best time to have a bathroom resprayed? The answer is simple – no, it doesn’t. Everything described above is done in an enclosed environment. After the job is done, the items are safely transported directly to the bathroom. Thus, the exposure to outside influences is minimal.

As already mentioned, you shouldn’t worry about the job taking too long (especially if you’re a commercial facility owner). In fact, most bathroom respray jobs can be completed within 24 hours. This said, planning is easy, with the only possible problem being the schedule of the service provider.

Are the Results Long-Lived?
The results will depend entirely on the product being used for bathroom spray painting. Thus, choosing the right service provider will be of uttermost importance.

All Surface Respray is a company that uses a commercial-grade enamel known as multinamel. The company has exclusive rights to this product, which makes its services superior to what other Irish bathroom resprayers have to offer. All Surface Respray offers a lifetime colour warranty and a five-year structural warranty. If the bathroom is maintained in good condition, the new enamel will last for a much longer period of time.