How to give a new look to your bath

When we make our home, we pay a lot of attention to the living room, kitchen and bedrooms.  While focusing so much on the other parts of our home, we have a tendency to give last priority to the bathroom.  Consequently, we compromise with the quality of fittings and fixtures installed in the bathroom.  Hence, not surprisingly, baths develop cracks and damages after prolonged use.  Such cracks and damages need to be addressed as a priority measure, to avoid further damages.

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No matter what type of bath fittings you use, they begin to show some amount of wear and tear after prolonged use.  When your bathtub or shower tray is not in perfect condition, the luxury of a relaxing and refreshing bath is lost.  What do you do in such circumstances?  Do you replace your old and worn-out bath fixtures with sparkling new ones?  If you are not prepared to spend so much, do you postpone the idea of buying new fittings and allow the existing cracks and damages to worsen further?  Even if you plan to replace them, have you considered the inconvenience you have to face until the time the replacement task is fully completed?

Bath Respray offers you a simple solution whereby you do not have to spend an exorbitant amount for buying new bath fixtures.  By resurfacing or respraying your bath, you are assured of giving a totally new look to your bath and better still, the old cracks and dents will not be visible at all.  We have been in this business for over 15 years and have carved a unique niche in the art of bath resurfacing.  Top hotels in Ireland have unanimously approved of the quality of work done by us.  We have also done similar works for thousands of customers across Ireland, comprising commercial properties, home owners and letting agents. check us out on all Surface

What makes us so different from the rest?  We use a special reglazing agent called Multinamel – we have exclusive rights for this product – that can be used on any surface, be it plastic, cast iron or plastic.  We offer lifetime colour warranty for the product and also five year structural guarantee.

Once your bath has been resurfaced, you will not need to worry for years and years!  Call us for an appointment at 0862456456 for all your bath resurfacing needs.  Our experts will visit the site and offer you a quote.  Trust us for the right price, service and matching quality!