Instantly Transform your Furniture with Respray

Make a fresh look with your centrepiece furniture by respraying instead of replacing old furniture. We can instantly transform old furniture and revamp its style to match the theme you have in mind. With a fresh new paint coating, old furnishing pieces look and feel better now more than ever – that’s the magic of an all Surface respray.

Need a change? All Surface Respray can apply various coats to suit any theme and adjust the colour scheme based on the redecoration’s new style. By respraying the centrepiece furniture and other kitchen pieces, it gives any homeowner the ability to emphasize subtle items and refurbish old furniture a fresh and stylish look.

From bathrooms to bedrooms, kitchen counters and cabinets to literally any surface, we can give a fresh, top coating based on your target design colour and texture.

Our specialized team is equipped with years of experience.

Making an appointment here at Kitchen Respray is as easy as 1-2-3.

  1. Simply message us the pic and we will send you back a quote.
  2. Visit our showroom to see the actual colours and finish we have available.
  3. Book in a start date!

 Our respray services are available for furnishing interior and exterior items making it ideal for refurbishing all surfaces and materials. Though there has been a rise in the number of Kitchen respray providers, the quality of services provided is being compromised for the sake of lowering the cost of service. Just like how in any industry, to consider services based on simply the price alone can lead to disaster.

With refurbishing services such as these, a certain level of quality, efficiency and workmanship must be upheld to ensure that the quality delivered is at its finest. Opting for services based on the price alone only leads to poor output. Every day, we are requested to redo bad kitchen respray services. Keep yourself from being a part of these numbers.

If you’re looking for a quality kitchen respray service in town, always take into account that not all service providers render the same quality output. Consider all factors such as the years in the industry, feedback and reviews, specialization in the service. Need options?

All Surface respray offers free consultations for various respray and renovation projects.

From your kitchen to the countertops to the bathroom and up to any furniture – we can cover respray services for any surface!

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