Fresh spray coating old pieces of furniture help refresh old and outdated style to instantly transform the look and feel of any space and adapt to the new theme being set.

If you’re looking for a furniture or kitchen respray nearby in Dublin, make sure to choose one that has been tried and tested in this area of expertise. Though many service providers have been on the rise recently, quality has been compromised for the sake of affordability. But choosing this over quality takes up twice the cost with the need for transforming resprayed items.

By respraying kitchen and old furniture, it helps enable homeowners to give a fresh new look to old furniture pieces and prevent any impulse to purchase new ones just to fit the aesthetics.

Make the fast and easy kitchen and furniture restoration and transformation with Kitchen, save from 50% to 80% on the cost of purchasing new items.

Here are just some of the reasons your next respray is worth that restoration:

  • Flexible to any type of surface

From kitchens to furniture, our respray service makes sure to give any surface the restoration that it deserves without the need of replacing old furniture. Since the process of respraying provides versatility in terms of paint application, it is ideal for restoring almost any kind of furniture or surface!

  • Wide variety of colourful palette

We make sure to provide our clients with only the best options to suit their colour requirements; we only make sure to choose the best  palettes from the leading colour providers.

  • Multiple finishes

We also have stoneflecks multi-colour countertop colour charts available to respray a stone-like finish to any surface. Ideal for countertops, this colour palette and finish gives the Formica top a fresh new look.

  • Free consultation

We offer a free consultation for all our AllSurfaceRespray, our friendly experts with years of specialization in the field can give you valuable tips and recommendations regarding the respray service of requirement.

  • Fast Process & Turn-over

We also provide a fast turn-over here at Kitchen Respray, making it ideal for that much-needed instant make-over and transformation without compromising the quality of our finishes. For starters, we prepare all the surfaces needed to be resprayed, ensuring that all preparations and spraying are done in the highest standard possible. Once everything is cleaned, primed and sprayed, the rest of the kitchen are then sanded and prepared for respraying. Downtime for the kitchen from the time of masking up to the respray process takes only up to 24 hours making it convenient and accessible the soonest possible time.

With almost 20 years of service experience in the industry, Kitchen Respray provides all the answers to every Irish household’s kitchen resurfacing needs – in fact almost any surface! Our goal is to provide the highest quality workmanship and finishes to every household in need of that much-needed respray service! Our guarantee is in the highest proficiency of respray services we provide – that’s the quality we offer that we can even guarantee for five years!